If you have cleaned out the closet, basement or storage shed & need to get rid of something or sell it, then post it on here in your city. BuySellFindIt.com is a family venture and built by Christopher Hicks, who is a programmer and just turned 20! He loves anything techno and wanted to give everyone a place to Buy, Sell or Find anything throughout the United States. It is a city driven community where you can post your items, Realtors can post listings of houses for sale or rent, Lost dogs can be posted, list things you are ISO (in search of) and then share your postings directly to all of your social networking sites directly from BuySellFindIt.com. It is socially interactive and a place for people to have a safe place to sell their stuff! Please tell your family and friends so we can see all of the positive things that it can bring to everyone & become a success! Have fun selling and shopping!